Antonella Contin (Scientific director, M.Sc. Ph.D. Architect, Assistant Professor)

Assistant Professor in the School of Architecture and Society at the Polytechnic of Milan. She is the Group Coordinator of Contemporary City Scale and Measurement Laboratory: great containers and landscapes at Department of architecture and planning. She is member of the board of the PhD Urban and Architectural Design. She is full organizational responsible of  International Seminars. In particular related to the new sustainable model of the urbangrowth, smart sensitive city, new technologies and urban design mapping.

Antonia Chiesa (M.Sc. Ph.D. Architect, Adjunct Professor)

Junior Professor in Architecture at Politecnico ofMilan. Her field of study concentrates on sustainable urban design at the scale of the landscape, according to a comparison between Italian and Anglo-Saxon approach. Publications: Ecology for Architecture, Libraccio, Milano 2011, Landscape Urbanism: un approccio ecologico al territorio urbano, in, Bari, Biografia Di Una Città (with Roberto Podda in G. Denti, C. Cozza, Città e Geografie, Maggioli, Milano 2010); Reconnecting Polarities: Stripes and Connections, (in G. Santamaria, New York-Milano Disegno perla Cittànella Regione Urbana, Alinea, Firenze 2007)

Cassandra Cozza (M.Sc. Ph.D. Architect, Adjunct Professor)

Cassandra Cozza is an adjunct professor of Architectural Design at the Politecnico di Milano, PhD in Architectural and Urban Design, Ph.D. program in Architectural and Urban Design tutor, architect. She conducts research on topics related to architecture and contemporary city and has edited the publication of the books Urban Textures and Architectural Connections (Maggioli Politecnica, 2011), Città e geografie (Maggioli Politecnica, 2010) with Giovanni Denti and has published several articles. She is currently a research fellow at the DiAP on “Policies and projects for the regeneration and re-use of fabrics, landscapes and infrastructures in a sustainability perspective.”

Michele Moreno (PhD Architect, Adjunct Professor)

Giancarlo Tonoli (M.Sc. Ph.D. Architect, Adjunct Professor)

Alessandro Frigerio (M.Sc. Architect, Teaching Assistant)

Architect, in 2009 he graduated at Politecnico di Milano and Politecnico di Torino and completed his education with a master degree at Alta Scuola Politecnica (ASP). Since 2007 he’s part of the Contemporary City Scale and Measurement Laboratory within the Department of Architecture and Planning carrying out teaching and research activities on sustainable urban development with projects in Milan, Madrid, Seville, Istanbul and Dar es Salaam. Together with other young engineers and architects in 2009 he founded MAP, multidisciplinary association devoted to research for innovation in the urban dynamics field with a special focus on great events, public space and smart technologies. He gained awards and distinctions in urban design competitions in Madrid, Milan, Piacenza, Dar es Salaam, occasions that combined with publications, exhibitions and workshops set a continuous research path interwoven with the professional practice. Since 2010 he has joined Teknoarch dealing with architectural and urban design, research and development.

Serena Liagi (M.Sc. Architect, Teaching Assistant)

Architect. Born in Grottaglie in 1982, has a degree in Urban and Architectural Planning at the Polytechnical Institute inMilan. She works with the Contemporary City Scale and Measurement Laboratory since 2005 and as part of her work there, she has organised workshops and master classes in Italy and abroad, promoting research projects and doing extensive work on both Madrid and Istanbul. She is keenly interested in maps, both physical and conceptual, image construction, both fixed and moving and perception and representation of landscapes. Energy Manager, she is currently researching qualitative/quantitative methodology in relation to strategic and impact environment evaluation and sustainable management of both urban and rural landscape resources. She strongly believes in network and relationship planning, in changes of scale and changes in one’s point of view. She enjoys teaching because it enables her to continue learning.

Giacomo Moretto (B.Sc. Architect, Teaching Assistant)

2012, bachelor graduation with a thesis on parametric urban design bySchoolofArchitectureand Society, Politecnico di Milano. Now attendes the master school of architecture of the same university. He has been studying deeper some issues about urban design at the ARC2’s Atelier inMilan. He also followed some workshops on parametric design with Arturo Tedeschi and Maurizio Degni, increasing some skills about new ways for designing architecture. He collaborated with Fraschini Architects to some competitions organized by AUFO and Lorenzo degli Esposti in Milan. Until May 2012 he partecipated to the Helsinki International Competition for the new central library with Giancarlo Tonoli and Alterstudio partners. He has been working for the MSLab since 2010, partecipating to various competitions and works.